Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy weather & another rodeo!

Yesterday morning the news said that we would be getting some thunderstorms late in the night, but instead the storm blew through around 6ish. There were tornado possibilities and some places were getting softball sized hail! We luckily only got a lot of rain and only pea-sized hail. I took some pictures of the sky though it was neat because you could see the storm moving. This picture has one of our trees in the front yard in it and you can see how strong the wind was and then you can see the sky behind it.
After the storm passed (which was pretty quickly), there was a rainbow!!Once the storm passed, we were able to go to the rodeo AGAIN!!!! This time we brought our camera! It was still a ton of fun! Afterwards, Creedence Clearwater Revival performed and they were amazing. They literally rocked the house. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jesse and I are about to celebrate our 1 year on March 29th!! In celebration of our one year, he bought me an entertainment center. I've been wanting something that would actually hold all our of movies and we have finally figured something out!!! Here's what it looks like! Sorry the picture is a little lop-sided.. I had to stand on the couch to take it.
Last weekend we discovered an awesome store here in what we call downtown Hutto. For those of yall that aren't familiar with Hutto, Hutto's town mascot is the hippo. Well we were walking downtown and found this store called Everything Hippo! It literally is everything hippo!! It was so neat! Around town a lot of people decorate concrete Hippos and put them in front of their house or business. I didn't want to do that, but I figured we needed something to represent our Hippo pride, so we bought a miniature Hippo and he is being kept in our entertainment center.. (especially since it's so entertaining! lol) Check out there website for other neat Hippo things, it's Here's a close up of our hippo:Another thing that I have discovered is the Austin Rodeo. I have been to the occassional rodeo now and then, but I guess I have never paid attention until now. (Probably maturity, haha) But I love them!!! We went last night and I had a blast. It was like being a kid again. Unfortunately though, we forgot our camera. My sister-in-law Joyce had hers though and will hopefully be putting up some pictures of that night soon! :) Sara Bareilles was the performer after the Rodeo. She sings the song 'Love Song'. She was amazing and has a great singing voice! After the rodeo, Jesse and I were walking around and saw a group of people hanging out by a gate and realized that they were waiting for Sara to come out of her trailer... so we decided to be cool and hang out and wait also. After waiting for a little while, she came out and took some pictures and talked to everybody. She was really nice! Here's a picture of us 3. We had to use Jesse's camera on his phone. Sorry about how blurry it is and it's small because the bigger it is the more blurry it gets. :/We are going to the rodeo again tonight and Friday night! I can't wait and I will definitly bring our camera!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend in San Antonio

Ok! So we had such a busy weekend. It was mostly busy on Saturday though. Jesse and I went down to San Antonio to visit my parents and go to the river walk. We had a blast!!! There are quite a bit of pictures, so I will just post them and put an explanation right below them!

Here's mom and I hanging out in the backseat while Dad was trying to find 'his' parking garage. See below...

Ok, so this is Dad's favorite parking garage. Warning! If you are ever in downtown with him in San Antonio, DO NOT LET HIM DRIVE OR PICK WHERE TO PARK!!! Dad loves this garage because the ramp to get up is a tight circle. The speed limit for it is 5 mph, which is reasonable. Well, Dad apparantely is able to set his own speed limit because he was taking it 20 mph!! Normally that wouldn't seem so fast, but when you're in a tight space that the vehicle barely fits in and you are driving in circles, IT IS!! It was crazy! All of us were feeling a little motion sickness after that ride. And that was just the ride up! Luckily when we left though, there was an elderly lady in front of us who abided by the posted speed limit! I am so happy for her! Love ya Dad! haha!

Here is the classic river walk picture!

Here is Jesse and I on the river walk. I just wanted to hurry and take the picture because that tree behind us was filled with bees!!!!

Soooo... Dad and I thought it would be fun to see how many times we could get mom and Jesse to go up and down on the escalator in the mall on the river walk! Haha! This is mine and my Dad's idea of entertainment! Enjoy!

Jesse was oblivious to it all while he was on the phone. :P

Dad and I just kept acting like we were changing our mind for the first few times when we got to the top or bottom...

Then we started to just get back on it without saying anything to them! Dad and I decided this was better than any Six Flags ride, and the best part was that it was FREE!!!

I think we made it a total round trip of about 6 times before mom and Jesse finally caught on!

This is where Dad decided that he wanted to go back up on the down escalator!!! He has terrible escalator manners!! haha j/k!

This is when Jesse was finally like "Seriously??"!!! lol

Here's a picture of the whole gang!

Here's Jesse & I in front of the Alamo.

Here's mom and dad in front of the Alamo! What a happy couple!!

San Antonio was doing a reenactment of the Alamo. It was really neat to see everybody dressed up in the old clothes and the old guns!