Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drumline, LIVE!

For Jesse's birthday this year I got us tickets to go see a traveling band/drum line. The band involves the best of the best from universities in the South. Jesse played on his high school drum line when he was in high school, so he really enjoyed listening to everything they brought to the stage. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures in the performance center, but the band marched through the theater to outside and played some more for an encore performance. It was so neat!!! Seeing these talented people perform really makes me appreciate live bands like this all over again.

Joyce's Reception

Joyce's reception was simple and gorgeous! I didn't get many pictures of the bride though. :( Either way, she was lovely and we all had a blast!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Night Before Joyce's Big Day...

As many of you know, Jesse's sister Joyce is getting married tomorrow and we are so excited for her! The male and female groups of the Nicholas family has a tradition of getting together the night before for dinner and just plain fun. It's always a blast and full of laughter, especially when Aunt Tami is there. (Yes, there's your shout-out and yes, I'll post more often just for you. hehe Love You!) Tonight we went to Carinos. Here's a few shots I got of the ladies tonight.

I love this picture! This is before we all left for dinner. The cute baby is Aubrey. She belongs to Jeff and Karris. Aubrey is full of smiles and so cute! As you can see, everyone thinks she is adorable as well.

We are hoping she smiles normal tomorrow. Only time will tell. haha

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Parade, Wedding, Good Deed, and Pumpkin Carving...

Yes, all in two days!

This weekend was so much fun! We started Saturday morning by attending the parade for Hutto Old Tyme Days Festival. It's so neat because the parade goes through our neighborhood, so we literally just got up and walked down the street.

That evening we went to a beautiful wedding for my cousin. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I'll have to steal pictures others later. This is wedding 1/3 for October!!

Sunday morning Jesse helped these random guys move their car off the the major road 79 in Round Rock. This road is very busy and dangerous. I couldn't help but to take a picture of my awesome husband!

On Sunday, Jesse and I carved pumpkins. This has become a tradition at our house. It's not competitive, but it's fun to be like a kid again! Which pumpkin do you think belongs to whom? ;)

This was a perfect weekend to the beginning of fall. I love this time of year!!