Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Night Before Joyce's Big Day...

As many of you know, Jesse's sister Joyce is getting married tomorrow and we are so excited for her! The male and female groups of the Nicholas family has a tradition of getting together the night before for dinner and just plain fun. It's always a blast and full of laughter, especially when Aunt Tami is there. (Yes, there's your shout-out and yes, I'll post more often just for you. hehe Love You!) Tonight we went to Carinos. Here's a few shots I got of the ladies tonight.

I love this picture! This is before we all left for dinner. The cute baby is Aubrey. She belongs to Jeff and Karris. Aubrey is full of smiles and so cute! As you can see, everyone thinks she is adorable as well.

We are hoping she smiles normal tomorrow. Only time will tell. haha

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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  1. Love the update, love the fam, love being here with everyone!!!