Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our life in the last few months

Many great things have been happening here in our little family of two. As many of you know, I became unemployed about this time last year. Since that happened, I have started working again in the accounting field. Jesse resigned from his job of three years and started working elsewhere. He's been there for 5 months now, and has already received a promotion! I'm very happy and proud of him for the hard work. To celebrate we went out and bought a brand-spanking new 2011 Scion Xb. Jesse has wanted one for years and he finally has his toy! Here's a picture of the day we brought our new baby home! :)

We were lucky to have some friends come visit us for Labor Day Weekend. We had a blast while they were here!

We have had a great end to a nice summer and are looking forward to fall. I already have our fall decorations around the house! I hope everyone out there is doing great too!!

Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

10. Pretzel M&Ms
This is the best idea since sliced bread! It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet that we, as human beings, crave. I didn’t think it would come to this-that it would be this hard to not eat the whole bag. My thoughts are that all M&Ms are at least average or above and I expected these to be somewhere on that spectrum. I do enjoy a small bag of Peanut M&Ms from time to time, but usually M&Ms aren’t my favorite Go-To candy. These are different. It’s funny, I wasn’t really impressed with the first one I tried because I had just popped it in my mouth and chewed. Eh, nothing special, I thought. But, when I sucked the candy-coating off and the chocolate started to melt away and uncover the slightest saltiness…. Eureka!

9. Love Songs/Stories/Movies
I am a sucker for romanticism. As a result, I love love! I enjoy jamming out to love songs because it puts myself into such a happy mood every time without fail. I love hearing how couples met and hearing of their engagement stories. It's always so inspiring. And love movies, they tear me up. I can't watch any movie that has a love plot without crying or at least tearing up.

8. MTV's Real World
I have been watching the Real World for as long as I can remember. The idea of this show is genius - let's put 8 strangers in one house, and watch. I find it amazing to see how people outside of my social realm handle situations that for the most part I will never find myself in. It's also interesting to see how close-minded some folks are.

7. Lazy Sundays
I love Sundays. It’s often my ONE day off from the gym. Some days I don't put on pants or shower all day. Some days I get groceries or go shopping, some days I’m glued to my couch. Some days we go on drives with no destination. But all I know is that Sundays are LAZY, completely and utterly lazy and I love it.

6. Britney
Yes, I know she doesn’t write all her songs. Yes, I am aware she is but a figurehead fronting a giant, money-making empire. But say what you want; when it comes to pop music, she’s got it. I reel at the genius of “If You Seek Amy”, I spin in glittery circles whenever I hear “E-mail My Heart”, I start bouncing up and down uncontrollably when I hear “Womanizer”. Listen to my (guilty) pleasure and you can hear the forefront of pop. Ms. Spears does it, people copy it. Mandy Moore did, Christina Aguilera did, and now there’s Katie Perry and Lady Gaga – auto-tuned, multi-layered vocals sang over hard-hitting synths and electro dancehall beats — tell me I’m lyin’!

5. Wingstop - Garlic Parmesan
Garlic Parmesan wings from Wingstop are like none other out there. I have a permanent wing craving, and nothing will satisfy it except these.

4. Candles
Candle are what gets me from month to month, holiday to holiday. Jesse isn't a fan of my candle obsession. There is just something special about the ambiance of candles. Different scents can put you into different moods and can bring back many memories.

3. Fake Phone Conversations
I can't help it, but when I'm in a hurry or see somebody that I know but don't really wanna talk to that day I pretend to be on my phone. It works, makes me feel guilty, but it sure can be a pleasure.

2. Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan is probably most well know for its sexy covers, sex related articles and yearly male centerfold, but it contains varied articles and features relating to many women issues. Cosmo is my favorite magazine and I always read it cover to cover. It's also fun to read because some women are plain crazy when it comes to the dating world and I am so glad that I don't have to be part of that. Cosmo always has a section for married women now, and it's awesome! I love this magazine because it helps women to feel confident in who yourself and embrace individuality.

1. The Sims
My guiltiest and most embarrassing pleasure is playing Sims. Anytime I find myself with a few hours to kill, I will be on my laptop playing my favorite game. It's fun to create characters and then control their relationships and actions. It's probably the controlling-ness in my personality coming out that truly enjoys this interactive game. Probably not the best thing, but definitely not the worse!