Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kori Jean

I am just absolutely thrilled for a really good friend of mine! We were the best of buds my senior year in high school and she was actively pursuing a career of singing at the time. WELL, the time has finally come and she has her very own website up and a debut album releasing!
I am super excited for Kori! You can listen to some of her songs at her website:! Kori is a beautiful woman and I can't wait to see succeed!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alisa's Wedding

Alisa is a girl that Jesse has known since he was in diapers. She recently had a beautiful wedding and here are a few pictures!

This is the bride and groom's first dance. They were a really cute couple and looked so happy! Her dress was stunning, as well!

Here's a picture of my sister-in-law, Judith and I.

Here is one of the few serious pictures we have. lol

True love... picking each other's noses! ;)

This is us just being silly. Nothing new here!

This is the plantation that Alisa's wedding was. Her reception and ceremony were outside, but it was still a beautiful touch and added class to the wedding. It was like a dream home inside!!

Seaworld Fun!

The last weekend of May we went down to Seaworld with the Mittelstadts. (Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us crash at your place, btw!!!) It was a blast! The last time I went to Seaworld I was about 10 years old. All I remember were the kiddie rides, only because they were so boring! haha!

Everyone knows that you can't go to Seaworld and not go and see Shamu. We went to the first show of the day! Now, I don't know if maybe I was just really emotional or what, but I found the show very touching. It was just absolutely amazing to see these large animals swimming with humans. You could really see and feel the love that the whales and trainers had for each other. The beginning of the show was the most powerful. They tell a story of a young boy with very powerful music, and then all of a sudden 2 whales come out of the water. They start to jump out of the water in all different places. Absolutely stunning. I teared up a few times throughout the show. Corny, I know. Here are a few pictures below.

After Shamu, we went to see the dolphins and beluga whales show. That was a fun show. It was more about the acrobats than the actual animals. I didn't care for that very much. I was shocked at how high the dolphins could jump. The beluga whale that is pictured below had a baby who followed her everywhere. It was really cute. The baby wouldn't do the tricks, but she was always right behind mama's tale.

The rest of the day was pretty fun. It started to get really hot and we were all very tired, so we went back to my parents house for dinner and then headed home. It was a nice getaway weekend!

Catch Up Time

Sorry everybody! I just realized today that I have not posted ANYTHING in a month!! And so much has happened. I'll break it down by event. It's going to be a long night! lol.